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5 Best Food Storage Organizers in 2023

Keeping your kitchen and pantry organized is crucial for maintaining a stress-free and functional cooking environment. Keeping your pantry items sorted and protected is easy with the right food storage organizers. 

This article will review food storage organizers, including airtight containers, refrigerator bins, pantry organizers, and more. By the end, you will better understand which storage solutions best suit your needs and how they can help keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Best Food Storage Organizers – Reviews

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage – Review

The Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids for Kitchen Organization 14 PC set transforms their pantry into an organized and efficient space. These containers are made from BPA-free plastic, are safe for long-term storage, and are stackable, saving you time and space in the kitchen while adding to its decor.

This set comes with an assortment of sizes, including 2 extra tall containers (2.5qtz /2.8L), 4 large tall containers (1.8qtz /2.0L), 4 medium containers (1.2qtz/1.4L), and 4 small containers (0.7qtz /0.8L). They are perfect for storing dry foods like cereal, pasta, sugar, flour, rice, and snacks.

These food storage containers are user-friendly and feature a 4-hinge locking system that forms an airtight seal between the container and snap lids, ensuring all food remains fresh and leak-proof.

The containers are also easy to clean and compatible with microwaves and refrigerators, making them versatile enough for various purposes.

As a bonus, this set comes in a beautiful box with a chalkboard marker, labels, and a measuring spoon set, making it a great gift option for loved ones. Keep in mind user guide instructions for unbundling different sizes in the group.

Say goodbye to messy cabinets and disorganized kitchen counters with this comprehensive food storage container set. Preserve the freshness of your ingredients while streamlining your kitchen organization, and enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought about by this 14-piece set.


  • Large set provides variety in size and function
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability
  • Airtight seals keep pantry foods fresh
  • Interchangeable lids for convenience
  • Good for organizing various pantry items


  • Time-consuming initial cleaning process
  • Odd dimensions may not fit some kitchen spaces

Seseno Pantry Organizer Bins – Review

The Set of 8 Refrigerator Pantry Organizer Bins is an excellent solution to keeping your kitchen cabinet or pantry clutter-free and organized. These versatile and practical bins can maximize your space by fitting side by side to store items neatly and make them easily accessible.

The containers are ideal for various uses beyond the kitchen, including closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, offices, and garages.

This set is perfect for storing a wide range of dry goods like canned foods, snack bags, boxed foods, and even bulky items like potatoes and onions. The bins can also be refrigerator organizers for fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, or meat. Made of 100% food-safe, BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic, these durable bins are designed to last.

Ease of use is a key feature of this set, with built-in handles providing a secure grip for easy carrying and access when needed. The bins’ non-slip design ensures they stay in place on any smooth surface, and their clear construction allows you to easily see and choose your desired items without rearranging everything inside.

The bins are also easy to clean and maintain. Just hand wash them with warm, soapy water (note: they are not dishwasher safe). Measuring approximately 12″ L × 6″ W × 3.2″ H, these storage containers are perfect for any home, apartment, dorm room, RV, or camper.


  • Versatile use in pantry, fridge, and bathroom
  • Transparent design allows for easy identification of contents
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Helps maintain organization and cleanliness
  • Great for various types and sizes of items


  • Slightly smaller than expected but still useful
  • May need to verify dimensions for specific storage needs

ZIZOTI Clear Plastic Removable Snack Organizer – Review

The 3-Pack Pantry Organizer and Storage by ZIZOTI is designed to help you declutter and arrange your pantry, kitchen cabinets, and even your fridge or freezer. Made from 100% food-safe, BPA-free, shatter-resistant polyethylene plastic, these clear storage containers are durable and safe for your family’s health. 

Each storage bin comes with adjustable and removable dividers that allow you to customize the compartments based on the items you need to store. The versatility doesn’t end there – if you need fewer compartments, you can easily remove the dividers as necessary. 

The stackable design of these storage bins maximizes the available space in your kitchen or pantry, allowing you to use them together, side by side, or on top of each other to keep everything organized and easily accessible. 

These bins fit comfortably in most cabinets and on pantry shelves, measuring 11.2 x 6.3 x 3.15 inches. They are perfect for organizing snacks, sauces, spices, pouches, and even non-food items such as office accessories, cosmetics, craft supplies, or small toys. 

These ZIZOTI storage bins are easy to clean and maintain with their waterproof and dirt-resistant properties. The T-shaped slot design on the edge supports convenient stacking without the risk of them toppling over. 

Multifunctional and versatile, these organizers are suitable for use in various rooms of your home or office, making them an excellent investment for anyone looking to simplify and streamline their living space.


  • Convenient spice storage – no more searching for tiny containers or knocking over glass bottles
  • Perfect size for tea bags and various snacks
  • Dividers help separate items neatly and are adjustable for customization
  • Can be used with or without dividers, making them versatile
  • Great for organizing smaller items in pantry, fridge, and other storage areas


  • A bit on the expensive side, but overall a good purchase.
  • Dividers are a little flimsy but still functional in creating compartments.

mDesign Large Plastic Food Packet Organizer – Review

The mDesign Large Plastic Food Packet Organizer Caddy is an excellent solution for organizing and storing kitchen items such as spice packets, seasoning pouches, dressing mixes, hot chocolate, rice, and more. 

These caddies are sold in a set of 2 and are designed to be compact, easily fitting in small or crowded kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves. The sloped design and four divided sections allow you to quickly see and grab what you need.

These versatile storage organizers can also be used in other rooms for various purposes, such as laundry supplies, office needs, etc. They’re perfect for houses, apartments, condos, college dorm rooms, RVs, campers, and tiny homes.

The caddies are made of durable, shatter-resistant BPA and Chlorine-free plastic that is food safe. Easy to clean with mild soap and water, they should not be placed in a dishwasher. Each caddy measures 10.6 x 5.1 x 5.1 inches, providing ample space to store multiple items.

mDesign focuses on creating stylish and functional products at affordable prices. These food packet organizer caddies exemplify their commitment to providing organization and storage solutions that allow you to turn your house into a home.


  • Keeps kitchen organized and clutter-free
  • Durable, hard plastic design
  • Fits easily in standard upper cabinets and pantry
  • Gradual tilt for better visibility of packets


  • May not fit larger packets (like muffin mix)
  • Might be too small for those with extensive collections

E-Bro Clear Food Storage Organizer Bins – Review

The E-Bro Clear Food Storage Organizer Bins come in 4 plastic pantry organizers designed with removable dividers to help you maximize your storage space. With a trapezoidal design and large openings, these bins offer stable stacking and easy access to items. 

These versatile bins are suitable for storing various dry goods. They are perfect for organizing spices, soups, oatmeal, pudding, gelatins, seasonings, coffee or tea packets, baking supplies, and individually wrapped items snacks like cereal bars or mixed nuts.

Each bin has three removable dividers, allowing you to easily separate and organize your items according to your preference. The clear, food-safe PET shatter-resistant plastic construction ensures durability and lets you quickly see and grab what you need. 

With a unit size of 10.6*5.9*3.5 inches (27*15*9cm), these bins provide ample storage while fitting conveniently in most kitchen cabinets, pantries, or countertops.

E-Bro’s Clear Food Storage Organizer Bins are a sleek and practical solution for keeping your kitchen neat and organized. By making the most of your storage space, they can significantly improve the functionality of your pantry while making it easier to find and access what you need.


  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Space-saving design ideal for kitchen cupboards
  • Surprisingly large capacity for versatile storage
  • Removable dividers for added flexibility
  • Helps prevent double or triple buying by improving visibility and organization
  • Can help save money by ensuring items are used before expiration dates


  • Dividers can be hard to remove, but this isn’t a problem if you don’t plan on moving them often.
  • Some people might find it slightly challenging to switch compartments around, but once they are set, organizing becomes a breeze.

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the right food storage organizer for your kitchen, pantry, or refrigerator, there are several factors to consider. This buyer’s guide aims to help you make the best decision by outlining some key aspects to remember while shopping for the perfect solution to suit your needs.


The material of the storage organizer is crucial for both durability and food safety. Generally, plastic and glass containers are the most common choices. Plastic containers are lightweight and affordable, and often come in various shapes and sizes. However, opt for BPA-free plastic to ensure your food is safe from chemicals.

Glass containers, on the other hand, are durable, eco-friendly, and microwave-safe but are heavier and more expensive than their plastic counterparts.

Airtight Lids

One of the main reasons for using food storage organizers is to keep your food fresh and uncontaminated. Airtight lids play a significant role in ensuring the freshness of your food by preventing air and moisture from entering the containers. Look for containers with silicone seals or locking mechanisms that provide a tight seal.

Size and Capacity

Food storage organizers come in different sizes and capacities. Consider your storage needs and the space in your pantry or fridge when selecting the correct size. If you plan to store bulkier items like cereal, pasta, and flour, choose larger containers with a greater capacity.

For smaller items like spices and condiments, opt for smaller containers that are easy to stack and store.

Stackable Design

A stackable design can be a game-changer when saving space in your pantry or fridge. This feature allows you to store multiple containers on top of each other, making your available storage area much more efficient. Look for containers with a well-designed stackable feature to help keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Consider how user-friendly the food storage organizers are. Opt for containers with easy-to-open lids, especially if you plan to use them frequently. Regarding cleaning, choose containers that can be easily disassembled and are dishwasher safe.

Price and Value

While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option available, remember that you may be sacrificing quality and durability. Look for food storage organizers with a good balance between price and quality, ensuring you get the most value for your money.

Customization and Flexibility

Some food storage organizers offer customizable configurations and adjustable dividers, allowing you to tailor the storage space to fit your needs. This feature can make organizing your pantry and fridge a breeze if you have a diverse assortment of items to store.


What should I consider when choosing a food storage organizer?

When choosing a food storage organizer, consider factors such as container quality, material, size, airtightness, and the space you have available for storage.

Can I use food storage organizers in the fridge or freezer?

Yes, many food storage organizers are designed to be used in the fridge or freezer. Check the product specifications and ensure it is suitable for use in the temperature range found in these appliances.

Are plastic food storage organizers BPA-free?

Most plastic food storage organizers on the market today are BPA-free. Look for this information on the product packaging or description to ensure you get a BPA-free organizer.

How do I properly clean my food storage organizer?

To clean your food storage organizer, empty it and wash it with warm, soapy water. For stubborn stains, let it soak in soapy water for a few minutes before scrubbing. In most cases, it’s preferable to hand-wash the organizers to prolong their life, but be sure to check the product’s cleaning recommendations.

How do food storage organizers help me keep my kitchen and pantry organized?

Food storage organizers help you keep your kitchen and pantry organized by containing your food items in compact and neat containers, making it easy to find and access products. They also help prevent spills and protect your food from exposure to air, moisture, and pests, maintaining freshness for longer.

Can I use food storage organizers for items other than food?

Many food storage organizers can store non-food items, such as kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and crafting supplies. Just make sure the size and shape of the containers are suitable for the items you want to store.

What other types of food storage organizers are available?

Aside from the organizers mentioned in this article, other food storage organizers include canisters and jars, can racks, rolling storage carts, and more. These organizers come in various materials, such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, and metal wire.

Is it essential to have removable dividers in my food storage organizer?

Removable dividers offer flexibility and customization, allowing you to organize different-sized items or adjust the space as your storage needs change. However, they are not strictly necessary for all storage solutions, so consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing.


A food storage organizer elevates your kitchen organization game, making it more functional and enjoyable. The options mentioned in this article provide various features and benefits to cater to your pantry, fridge, and cabinet organization needs. 

Remember to consider factors such as size, material, and purpose when selecting your ideal food storage organizer, and happy organizing!