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Chicken Egg Roll Recipe: Chinese Takeout at Home

Craving Chinese takeout but want to save some cash and make it at home? We’ve got you covered! This article will guide you through an easy and delicious chicken egg roll recipe you can make in your kitchen. 

Not only will it taste just as good as your local Chinese restaurant, but it can also be an enjoyable cooking experience. So, let’s get started!

Why Making Egg Rolls at Home is a Great Idea

Making egg rolls at home is a fantastic idea for several reasons.

Firstly, you can control the ingredients, ensuring a healthier meal with less sodium and preservatives.

Secondly, it’s a fun and interactive cooking experience for everyone involved. 

Lastly, homemade egg rolls are fresher and more flavorful than store-bought or takeout versions. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s dive into this delicious chicken egg roll recipe!

Ingredients for Chicken Egg Rolls

You’ll need some basic ingredients to start with our chicken egg roll recipe. Gather some boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs, shredded cabbage, grated carrots, sliced green onions, fresh minced garlic, and soy sauce for the egg roll filling. 

As for the egg roll wrappers, you may find them in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store. Make sure to pick up some vegetable oil for frying as well. 

Lastly, you’ll need ingredients like soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, minced garlic, and sugar for a delicious dipping sauce. Now that everything is ready, it’s time to prepare the chicken.

Filling Ingredients

For a delicious chicken egg roll filling, combine chopped cabbage, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, sliced green onions, minced garlic, and cooked, finely chopped chicken in a large bowl.

Next, season the mixture with soy sauce, ground ginger, and sesame oil, and mix until well combined.

Dipping Sauce Ingredients

An egg roll isn’t complete without a dipping sauce. We recommend a simple, flavorful sauce for this recipe, including soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, sugar, and toasted sesame oil. You can also try other sauces for flavors like sweet and sour or spicy mustard.

Preparing the Chicken

To start preparing your chicken egg roll recipe, you’ll first need to cook the chicken. If using ground chicken, heat a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat and cook it with oil, breaking it into small pieces as it cooks.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Once the chicken is cooked through and no longer pink, remove it from the skillet and set aside.

If using cooked and shredded chicken from a rotisserie chicken or leftover cooked chicken, simply shred the chicken with a fork and set aside until needed.

In the next section, we’ll walk you through the steps of making the delicious egg roll filling, which is crucial for perfecting your homemade Chinese takeout experience.

Your taste buds will thank you for your efforts, as the filling is where most of the flavor comes from in an egg roll! Get ready to embrace the vibrant, savory flavors that make this dish a true favorite.

Making the Egg Roll Filling

Now that your chicken is cooked and ready, preparing the egg roll filling is time. In a large pan, heat some oil and sauté the onions, garlic, and ginger until fragrant. Next, add the carrots, cabbage, and bean sprouts, stirring and cooking for another few minutes until the vegetables are slightly softened. 

Once they’re cooked, add the chopped cooked chicken to the pan and mix well. Season this mixture with soy, oyster, and other desired spices. Be sure to taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary. 

When everything is well combined, remove the pan from heat and let the filling cool down to room temperature before proceeding with the wrapping process.

Rolling the Egg Rolls

Now that your chicken is cooked and your filling is ready, it’s time to roll your egg rolls. Before you begin, ensure that your egg roll wrappers are thawed, but make sure they remain covered with a damp towel to prevent them from drying out. To roll the egg rolls, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lay one egg roll wrapper onto a clean, flat surface, positioning it so that a corner points towards you (like a diamond shape).
  2. Place about two tablespoons of the prepared filling in the center of the wrapper, spreading it out in a horizontal line.
  3. Fold the bottom corner of the wrapper tightly over the filling, then fold in the left and right corners towards the center, ensuring that the wrapper is lying snugly against the filling. This should make your egg roll look like an envelope.
  4. With your fingers, dab a small amount of water onto the top corner of the wrapper. This will help it stick when you complete the roll.
  5. Finally, carefully roll the egg roll away from you until the remaining corner is tightly sealed. Be gentle to avoid tearing the wrapper.

Repeat these steps for the remaining egg roll wrappers and filling. Remember that practice makes perfect, so if you find your first few rolls imperfect, don’t worry! You’ll get better at creating a tightly wrapped, delicious egg roll with each roll. 

Once they’re all rolled, you’re ready to move on to frying and enjoying your homemade Chinese takeout!

Chicken Egg Roll Recipe

Preparing the Egg Roll Wrappers

It’s time to prepare the egg roll wrappers. You can either use store-bought wrappers or make them from scratch. If using store-bought, ensure they’re thawed before using. If making your own, follow a simple egg roll wrapper recipe found online, creating a thin and slightly stretchy dough.

Wrapping Technique

Now that your egg roll wrappers and filling are ready, it’s time to master the art of wrapping. Place an egg roll wrapper on a clean surface, with one corner pointing towards you. Spoon about two tablespoons of filling onto the wrapper’s lower third, being careful not to overfill. 

Tightly fold the corner closest to you over the filling, then tuck in the side corners, creating an envelope-like shape. 

Finally, fold the top corner over the rolled wrapper, and wet the edges with water to seal. This technique will ensure that your egg rolls are wrapped securely, keeping the filling inside while frying.

Frying the Egg Rolls

Now that your egg rolls are perfectly wrapped, it’s time to fry them! Heat about 2 inches of vegetable oil in a deep frying pan or wok over medium-high heat. Ensure the oil is hot enough by dipping a wooden chopstick or spoon, and if bubbles form around it, you’re good to go. 

Carefully slide in the egg rolls one at a time and fry until golden brown, occasionally turning for even cooking. This should take about 2-3 minutes. 

Use a slotted spoon to remove the egg rolls from the oil and transfer them onto a paper towel-lined plate to drain excess oil. Allow them to cool slightly before serving

Prepare the Dipping Sauce

Now it’s time to prepare the dipping sauce. In a small saucepan, combine all the dipping sauce ingredients and mix well. Heat the sauce over medium-low heat, occasionally stirring, until the sugar dissolves and thickens slightly. 

Remove from heat and let it cool before transferring it to a dipping bowl. This savory dipping sauce pairs wonderfully with the crispy chicken egg rolls and combines the flavors for an authentic and satisfying Chinese takeout experience at home. 

Serving Suggestions

For a fantastic dining experience, serve your homemade chicken egg rolls with steamed white or fried rice. You can also pair them with vegetable stir-fry or a simple salad. Don’t forget the dipping sauce for that extra burst of flavor in every bite.


Making chicken egg rolls at home is an enjoyable and simple process allowing you to create a delicious, fresh takeout experience in your kitchen. This recipe will impress your family and friends, and you can all enjoy a tasty homemade Chinese treat.