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Cherry Smoothie Recipe: Refreshingly Sweet

There’s nothing like a delicious, refreshing cherry smoothie to brighten your day. Whether you’re looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, a tasty treat after your workout, or a guilt-free dessert, a cherry smoothie is a perfect way to indulge in cherries’ juicy flavors and nutrients. 

This article will explore various cherry varieties, smoothie ingredients, and tempting cherry smoothie recipes you can easily whip up in your blender. So, get ready to enjoy the fruity goodness of a cherry smoothie that is as nutritious as it is delicious!

Why Cherry Smoothies?

Cherry smoothies are not only delicious, but they also offer numerous health benefits. Cherries are packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, which help reduce inflammation, support heart health, and aid in weight management. 

Their natural sweetness adds flavor without relying on added sugars, making cherry smoothies a healthier alternative to sugary beverages. 

And with a wide variety of cherry types available, you can customize your smoothie to your taste preferences while experimenting with different yogurt bases and milk alternatives.

Essential Ingredients for a Cherry Smoothie

To create the perfect cherry smoothie, you’ll need a few essential ingredients, including fresh or frozen cherries, a yogurt base, and milk or milk alternatives for smooth blending.

Feel free to mix and match different cherry varieties to find your desired flavor profile, and don’t forget nutritious add-ins to boost health benefits.

Cherry Varieties and Flavor Profiles

Now that you’ve got the essential ingredients for a cherry smoothie let’s talk about cherry varieties and their unique flavor profiles. There are many types of cherries, but the two main categories are sweet and tart. 

Sweet cherries, such as the popular Bing and Rainier varieties, are perfect for simply eating fresh and using in your smoothie recipes. They have a balanced taste with just the right amount of sweetness.

On the other hand, tart cherries, like the Montmorency cherry, are sourer and are often used in baking and cooking. Adding tart cherries to your cherry smoothie recipe will give it a tangy taste. 

Mixing the two types of cherries can also provide an interesting flavor combination, a delightful option for those who enjoy a fruity twist.

Ultimately, the choice of cherry variety depends on your preference and desired flavor profile for the smoothie. You may prefer a sweeter, milder taste or a more vibrant and tangy flavor. 

Either way, you cannot go wrong with a delicious cherry smoothie! Next up, let’s explore some yogurt base options for your cherry smoothie recipe.

Yogurt Bases

Choosing the right yogurt base can make all the difference in your cherry smoothie. Greek yogurt adds a creamier, more substantial texture with a slightly tangy taste that complements the cherries’ sweetness. 

Regular and low-fat yogurt options also work great, but you’ll end up with a thinner finished product. For those who prefer non-dairy options or simply want to switch up the flavors, coconut or almond-based yogurts are the perfect alternatives to achieve a delicious and satisfying cherry smoothie.

Milk or Milk Alternatives

Experimenting with milk or milk alternatives can help create the perfect texture and flavor. When choosing the suitable liquid base for your cherry smoothieRegular cow’s, almond, soy, or coconut milk all work well. You can try mixing it with oat, cashew, or rice milk. 

Consider your preferences, dietary restrictions, and desired consistency when choosing. And don’t be afraid to get creative – combining different milk alternatives could result in your perfect cherry smoothie.

Simple Cherry Smoothie Recipe and Variations

For a simple, basic cherry smoothie, all you need is the following:

  • 1 cup of pitted cherries
  • 1 cup of your chosen yogurt
  • 1 cup of your preferred milk or milk alternative

Blend all these ingredients, and voila! You’ve got a delicious cherry smoothie. 

To mix things up, add a frozen banana for a creamier, thicker texture or toss in some almond extract for a sweet and nutty flavor. 

Classic Cherry Smoothie

Now that you’ve started making cherry smoothies, you may want to try a classic one to add to your repertoire. This timeless recipe blends cherries, yogurt, milk, and ice to create a refreshing, fruity concoction perfect for warm summer days or whenever you’re in the mood for a delicious pick-me-up.

To make a classic cherry smoothie, you’ll need the following:

  • 1 cup frozen cherries (sweet or sour, depending on your preference)
  • ½ cup unsweetened yogurt (Greek or regular)
  • ½ cup milk (dairy or non-dairy) 
  • 1 cup ice

Optional: 1-2 tsp honey or maple syrup to sweeten, if required

Blend all ingredients until smooth, and then you’re ready to enjoy your classic cherry smoothie. Feel free to adjust the quantities of cherries, yogurt, and milk to find the perfect balance for your taste buds. 

Get creative by adding your favorite mix-ins, such as fresh berries, chocolate chips, or a scoop of protein powder. 

Cherry Berry Smoothie

If you like fruity flavors, try the Cherry Berry Smoothie. Combine cherries with your choice of berries, such as strawberries or blueberries, and blend with a yogurt base and your preferred milk or milk alternative. This mixture results in a refreshing, nutrient-packed drink perfect for a quick breakfast or a post-workout snack. 

Feel free to add greens, protein powders, or seeds for an extra health boost in your delicious cherry smoothie.

Cherry Smoothie Recipe

Nutritious Add-Ins for a Healthier Cherry Smoothie

You can add various health-boosting ingredients to make your cherry smoothie even more nutritious and wholesome. These add-ins not only enhance the flavor of your smoothie but also provide an extra dose of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Some popular nutritious additions to a cherry smoothie include:

Chia Seeds

These tiny seeds are packed with fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, making them an excellent addition to any smoothie. They also create a thicker texture and give your drink a crunchy texture. Add a tablespoon or two to your cherry smoothie for a nutrient-dense upgrade.

Flax Seeds

Like chia seeds, flax seeds are also rich in fiber, protein, and omega-3 fats. Ground flaxseed is easier to digest and can be easily mixed into your smoothie without changing consistency.

Rolled Oats

Add a quarter cup of rolled oats for a more filling cherry smoothie. Oats are high in fiber, which aids digestion and helps you feel satiated for longer. Additionally, they contribute to a thicker, creamier texture in your smoothie.

Nut Butter

Add a tablespoon of almond, peanut, or cashew butter to your cherry smoothie for an extra dose of healthy fats and protein. Nut butters also help create a rich, velvety texture while adding a delicious nutty flavor.


This blue-green alga is a nutritional powerhouse, containing essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. A teaspoon of spirulina powder can give your cherry smoothie an additional health kick.

Cacao Nibs or Powder

Add a tablespoon of cacao nibs or unsweetened cacao powder if you’re craving a hint of chocolate in your cherry smoothie. These provide antioxidants and minerals, like magnesium and iron, while imparting a rich chocolatey taste.

Feel free to experiment with these nutritious add-ins to customize your cherry smoothie recipe according to your taste preferences and health goals.

Remember to keep track of your ingredient portions to maintain a balanced flavor profile.


Adding greens like spinach or kale to your cherry smoothie enhances its nutritional profile and helps with natural detoxification. Don’t worry about the taste; cherries are flavorful enough to mask the taste of the greens, delivering a delicious and nutritious drink every time.

Protein Powders and Seeds

To increase the protein content of your cherry smoothie, consider adding protein powders such as whey, soy, or pea protein. Alternatively, mix in seeds like flax, chia, or hemp seeds, which are packed with nutrients and help enhance the flavor and texture of your smoothie.


Cherry smoothies are not only a refreshing and tasty treat, but they also offer numerous health benefits. With various cherry varieties, yogurt bases, and milk alternatives, you can easily customize your smoothie to your preferences. 

Remember the nutritious add-ins like greens, protein powders, and seeds to create a well-rounded, healthy drink. With this cherry smoothie recipe guide, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the perfect smoothie!